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Elevate your brand with REBEL. Custom logo design, unique branding, brand guide, and tailored marketing strategy. Stand out in your industry with our expert brand positioning services.

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Brand Positioning Services

Elevate your brand with strategic solutions that effectively connect with target audiences.

What We Do

Customized creative branding solutions

Your branding is the first thing potential customers see. It represents your business and defines who you are, what you do, and how you act. Strong, accurate branding is the most important asset of any business. Make sure it is done with deliberate precision.

What is Brand Positioning?

Crafting a brand extends far beyond the confines of mere logo design. A compelling brand embodies a brand identity – a meticulously crafted blueprint that outlines its essence, audience, and aspirations. Brand positioning is our multifaceted, focused method to tackle these vital characteristics.

Logo Design

Our Creative Team excels at logo design and development. We navigate a meticulous, multi-step journey with our clients to shape a compelling visual identity to seamlessly deploy across all platforms as your business’s emblem. When executed meticulously, a brand resonates harmoniously with business owners, clients, and customers alike.

Brand Guide Design & Development

Cementing a brand logo and identity is foundational for success, and consolidating them into a single reference document is equally vital. A Brand Guide serves as the guardian of your brand’s core, guaranteeing enduring consistency in branding, messaging, and more.

Launch or (re)Launch your Brand.

(re)Introduce your brand to potential customers with a well-developed Marketing Strategy. The key to successfully moving forward is to make each step with intention. From defining available resources to developing a target audience, your Marketing Strategy builds clarity around your marketing goals and outlines strategies to reach them.

Branding Portfolio

Explore our portfolio of authentic, custom-designed logos and branding projects. We believe in developing distinctive, hand-crafted visual brand identities that stand out from the crowd with a focus on pure, one-of-a-kind creativity.

About Rebel

We take a personalized approach to each client’s goals and develop long-term strategies that lead to growth and success. As a result, REBEL has scaled from humble roots in our founder’s home office in 2018 into an ultra-responsive nationwide team of REBELs with shared core values of authenticity, dependability, and commitment.

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