Herc Pro Expo 2023

The Herc Pro Expo 2023, held in vibrant Nashville, TN, proved to be a resounding success for both organizers and attendees. The REBEL team was on the ground for the three-day extravaganza, documenting the event moment by moment to capture the essence and significance of this important annual corporate gathering.

REBEL’s expertise in event videography allowed our comprehensive suite of services including drone cinematography, videography, interviews, and more, to complement one another through memorable, curated video footage featuring various highlights of the event like dynamic speeches delivered by influential speakers, engaging exhibitions featuring cutting-edge products, and attendee experience and reception.

Behind the Scenes

The REBEL team worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure that no moment of significance went unnoticed. From early morning sunrises to late-night networking sessions, our commitment to perfection persisted. Our team meticulously curated content to craft a stunning video that would serve as the highlight reel for the prestigious President’s Dinner ceremony. REBEL’s video was more than just a visual presentation; it was an embodiment of the Herc Pro Expo’s spirit. The video showcased the atmosphere of collaboration, learning, and innovation that permeated the event. It encapsulated the passion and drive of industry professionals coming together to share ideas, foster connections, and celebrate collective success.

The 2023 Herc Pro Expo was the second consecutive year REBEL had the privilege of supporting Herc Rentals in their endeavor. This ongoing partnership underscores the mutual trust and success shared by both companies as we worked together to create memorable and impactful experiences for attendees. We look forward to the excitement and possibilities that await at the 2024 Pro Expo that will be held in Phoenix, AZ. Anticipation runs high as the REBEL team prepares to once again showcase the very best of Herc Rentals and the industries it serves. As we gear up for another remarkable year in 2024, it is evident that REBEL’s contributions to Herc Rentals go beyond media coverage; we are an integral part of the shared journey toward a future of excellence and achievement.